Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Devil May Care

It's Lost night! I'm taking a break, curled up on the sofa with what I've come to call a Pomcranodka, recipe courtesy of Kathy, and writing this entry during commercials. Kath will be pleased to know that I even mixed my drink up with a wistful longing in my heart and a flippant devil-may-care attitude.

Today was boring and yet, productive. It was rainy and cool, so I opened a few strategic windows, lit some candles, locked myself in the study, blasted some Miles Davis, and wrote all afternoon.

... and tomorrow will be more of the same.

I heart Sayid!


At last, here's Mini Cooper (ha!), the new nephew. I snapped this picture the afternoon I met him, when he was two days old. All swaddled up with a full belly after dinner. Such a cutie.


Kathy said...

I must have that baby. That particular, precise baby. But since he belongs to someone else and stealing is wrong, I'll have to go without.

Good thing I have two beasties of my own!

tiff said...

So many Nemos! I hope he can find one of em!!

Bahahaha MiniCoop[er]

Paul said...

Hey, nice picture of the drink, your Mac, and the yarn. Looks like a good time.