Saturday, September 14, 2013

I never lost that easy

It's a gorgeous September Saturday afternoon.

I'm lounging on my back deck, reading and sipping a blood orange margarita while the rest of the world and my husband are all off doing worldly/husbandly things. It's an awesome day, and I'm enjoying myself tremendously, though I have to keep setting aside the book I'm currently reading to think. Solomon's books do that to me (in the best sense); it took me ages to read Noonday Demon.


When I'm busy with a project at work and need to communicate with my team that I'm unavailable for appointments or meetings, I block my calendar with a generic appointment. "Hold" signals to my crew that I'm busy with department business, maybe on or off campus, and in an emergency, reach me at my mobile.

"Hold" has become a signifier of busy-ness of indefinite length, with wide variability in terms of what I'm actually doing. Maybe (re)drafting a document, facilitating a sensitive interview, crunching data, tweaking budget projections, debriefing with a department chair, presenting to a stakeholder? Could be anything -- one thing I love love love about my work.

Per usual, I have a few "hold"-worthy projects in the works at the moment. ;)

I've wandered, seen visions
I've gone off the deep end
I'm out there, you'll find me
I never lost that easy

Cold War Kids "Lost That Easy" (Dear Miss Lonelyhearts)

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